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Registrant Blog01 Sep 21

Learning the lessons to deliver safe patient care

Why incident reporting helps to improve your chiropractic skills and the profession

Registrant Blog04 Aug 21

Why I value my CPD

Mark explains why he values his CPD and how it helps him to develop his skills and abilities

Registrant Blog02 Aug 21

Why CPD will improve you as a chiropractor

Why CPD helps chiropractors to provide the highest standards of patient care

Registrant Blog04 Jun 21

Monitoring performance to improve patient care

Keith Walker, a chiropractor and Associate Head of School Teaching and Learning at the University of Plymouth, sets out why performance monitoring is an essential part of running a quality practice

Registrant Blog26 May 21

The power of effective communication

Chandra Ricks, MChiro DC and Principal Chiropractor at Green Tree Chiropractic in High Wycombe, describes how effective communication is achieving patient satisfaction and delivering better outcomes

Registrant Blog04 May 21

Reflecting on a 50-year career in chiropractic

Tim Jay, chiropractor and President Emeritus of the Royal College of Chiropractors, reflects on his 50-year career and considers the changes that have impacted chiropractic over the years.