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02 Nov 22

New Return to Practice programme launched

The GCC has introduced a new Return to Practice programme to assist non-practising registrants wishing to return to clinical practice

02 Nov 22

GCC Retention Notice and Fees reminder 2023

Deadline to apply to the GCC Register of Chiropractors is 30 November

02 Nov 22

Fitness to Practise Guidance

Delegating the care of a patient to non-registrants

02 Nov 22

New GCC EDI Toolkit published

The GCC has published its new EDI toolkit to help registrants apply the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in their workplace

05 Oct 22

Chiropractors now able to complete medical questionnaires, says DVLA

Changes to DVLA law to speed up medical licensing process

05 Oct 22

Registrant Guidance

Maintaining Patient Records