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Registrant Blog03 Nov 20

Progress through patient focus and integration

Kenneth Young gives his personal perspective on the diversity of practice within chiropractic, and how integration is key to developing the profession.

Article07 Oct 20

The implications of Test and Trace for chiropractors

In this article we look at contact tracing and potential impacts on chiropractors who have resumed face-to-face treatments with patients.

Academic Blog01 Sep 20

Leadership from every angle

Daniel Moore discusses the importance of leadership and collaboration in challenging times.

Registrant Blog05 Aug 20

Exploring remote consultations in chiropractic

Marc Sanders argues that when used effectively, remote consultations are one more tool for the chiropractor's toolbox to deliver excellent care.

Vlog16 Jul 20

Chiropractic: a career in healthcare

In this video by the Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education, hear from current chiropractors and students who have taken the step towards a chiropractic career.

Registrant Blog30 Jun 20

Dealing with lockdown as a chiropractic clinic owner

Kerri Stone talks about the challenges and opportunities of changes to her working life during lockdown.